How to send links to webpages without mail programs when on a business trip

When on a business trip, I've been coming across the same issue quite often: the issue of sending short information (most often - links to websites) to somebody's mail addresses. It could be addressess of my colleagues, or friends, or relatives. One is lucky when he has an internet access in his hotel room. But what if he doesn't? Just fancy that: a preety common situation when your boss gets you on the phone (you're almost a thousand miles away from your office) and asks "John, I need contact information of those air tunks suppliers which we selected last week as our general procurement contractor. I need it asap." You're trying to explain that it is somewhere on your office desk or what he needs is to typr their simple web-address... But the receiver's already hung up. Well, your first thought is go and find the closest internet-cafe. Ok, a girl at the reception in the hotel's lobby tells you that, and, having spent half an hour rather than 5 minutes you were given for providing the necessary information to your boss, you finally find yourself in a small overcrowded internet cafe. What next, though? You know that checking your personal e-mail account at one of the numerous free services could be unsafe. The mail program in the internet cafe is not properly set up (as you find it out from one of the personnel). Well.... wait... commiting a suicide is not an appropriate way out. Just listen: I recently found a good link on reddit.com - to my surprise it was hidden somewhere deep in the heart of it. Luckily, I popped it out somehow. You'll ask me whta is it I'm talking about. the answer is fairly obvious - it's called LinkSender Web 2.0 and I'm going to explain to you why it's called so. First I went to the Linksender Website (http://linksender.quicksolver.info) - and just added the link which is located on their mainpage to the browser's favorites (it can be done in two ways - right-click-> add to favorites or -> just dragging and droppoing on your browser toolbar). If your browser is Internet Explorer there can be a popup message warning that adding that link could be unsafe. As usual, don't trust him and press OK - anyway, it's not your personal computer, you're in an internet cafe, don't you forget? (frankly, it's really completely safe and I'll explain it in more details in my future posts)

Ok, you're done, the link is bookmarked. what's next? Next step is very simple, but before that you may want to try to customize your linksender on that website - add your reply address (any you like) and so on. Then you go to the air tanks supplier website and select Linksender among the browser Favorites or on the toolbar. Don't woory - you won't be redirected anywhere. Instead you'll see a pretty window which will ask where you want to send a link to the page to. Without hesitation type your boss' e-mail address and press "Enter". There wil be a message saying the the link's been sent successfully. more over you have a possibility to point a reply email address and short comments to that link.
Now you can be sure that your boss will get information in time and you may try to cautiously ask for a raise in near future. Good luck! Enjoy easy link sending.


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