Top 10 of Portable Software with download links

Portable Software has become very much popular especially among those who travel a lot and can't live without their favorite computer programs.
Let me, first, define what portable software is. Actually, it's an amazing thing. It let's just copy all necessary program files on your flash drive... and that's it! No need to install it, so wherever you are just stick your flash drive (or a cd-rom or a SD-card or whatever which can store information electronically) and you can enjoy using your favorite programs. It's especially helpful when a program keeps your settings and preferences (such as internet browsers) - all bookmarks settings will be kept no matter what computer or laptop you're using.
So let me finally start. I don't give priority to any of the programs below because they are for certain purposes and could be split in several categories (such as entertainment, work etc). Since everybody has his own priorities I just decided to list them in ‘bulk’, so that you decide for yourself what suits you better.

  1. Adobe Photshop CS2 Portable
    It's amazing but it's true. Now you can just copy the program folder to your flash drive and use all solid capabilities of this powerful graphical editor everywhere where you can find a computer
    Download link:

  2. If you prefer to use your favorite browser called Opera, then now you can take it with you and enjoy all its features.
    Download link: http://rapidshare.de/files/25564777/opera9usben.rar

  3. For Firefox lovers there is, of course, a portable version of the latest ( Mozilla Firefox:

  4. If you need to burn a CD or DVD and need all the advanced features of Ahead Nero 7, then just download its portable version:

  5. For illustrators, publishers and designers it would be cool to always have a portable version of Adobe Illustrator CS11:

  6. If you want to always have with you all powerful capabilities of document processing built into OpenOffice, then here you are:

  7. Listen to music using your favorite music player called Winamp. Just download Winamp 5.1 Portable:

  8. Want to play your favorite War Craft 2 when travelling? Not a problem!

  9. Norton Utilities 2006 portable:

  10. ACDSee - Excellent Graphic Viewer. Portbale edition


I've gathered the list of software and download links by surfing the Internet. I don't bear any responsibility if the software mentioned abowe would'n work or infringes somebody's copyrights. The information has been gathered from open sources, I just share it with the readers of my blog.


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