Top 7 Reasons to Rename Microsoft

An uncommon thought has just come to my mind that we all have been induced to use Microsoft products due to a false statement. There are solid grounds that the name of the company (Microsoft) deceives consumers. Just look here:

  1. The latest version of Microsoft operating system named Windows Vista requires 20 GB hard drive with at least 15 GB of available space, as well as 512 MB of system memory. If you think these requirements are microscopical, then stop reading this article.
  2. Various versions of Windows Operating System capture about 90% of market.
  3. Most desktops and laptops are sold with Microsoft Windows preinstalled
  4. Microsoft applications are practically standards for home and office use all over the world – not bad for ‘micro’ software, right?
  5. Microsoft products are usually buggy and require installation of patches to fix bugs and close security holes – if this software is micro, how come it’s so buggy?
  6. By introducing its’ operating system, Microsoft in fact establishes new standards and requirements for hardware and software – OEMs have to develop drivers for their hardware to be compliant with Microsoft standards.
  7. Bill Gates is the richest person in the world. He would never make his billions if he were selling small pieces of software.

Do you think it is possible to sue Bill Gates for misrepresentation? Should one insist in his claims on renaming the company from Microsoft to Macrosoft? Who wants to become famous for making Mr. Gates rename his company?


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Man, how much do u suck!?

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