Top 10 ugliest RSS feed icons

It's hard to realize one's creativity in our days of widely-spread copy-pasting and thoughts of money-making. But some bloggers manage to embody their ideas in drawing icons for their blogs' RSS feeds. Sometimes such masterpieses become so ugly so that managed to clinch this top 10 of ugliest RSS feed icons below:

10. This big-sized icon was created by one of the bloggers (whose name is now lost). But bloggers still try to exceed him drawing bigger and brighter icons.

9. This icon embodies the struggle between contraries (hope that was kep in mind by the author of this icon)
8. Let me not comment the one below:

7. This icon was placed as a background for the "Subscribe" link:

6. This icon is successfully concealed among lots of page contents:

5. This gloomy icon sems to be telling a reader about the difficulties the blog's author overcomes to write his posts:

4. This icon seems to be drunks and is about to fall down:

3. The icon's border makes us tell R. I. P to the icon:

2. This icon is about to get drowned:

1. Somebody can say looking at this icon, that it's creator has his arms growing from his ass:

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