Google acquires Yandex (?)

We know Google's power. It's capable of penetrating in lamost each part of our life. It's now morethan just a search negine. You can read mails, advertise, monetise, work remotedly using google's online services, search acros your desktop, organise your fotos etc etc...
A Google share is now worth more than $500. recently google acquired YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars. In short, seems like Google is everywhere at top positions.
Actually, there are still a few places left on earth where Google isn't at top yet.
If you forget about china for a moment what will come up first in your mind?
Yes, that's right. It's ... Russia. In Russia Google is surprisingly modestly ranked amongst other search engines. It holds just 4th to 3rd position with 5 to 10 % of all searches.
Knowing Google strategy it's clear it won't last for long. According to sources which wished to stay anonymous, Google intends to buy Yandex which holds the top position in Russia with more than 50% market share.
It hasn't been oficcially announced but there some evidences of prospects for such a deal. Recently Google added more functionality to Russian morphology and stemming used in its search. At the same time Yandex (http://www.yandex.ru) changed some elements of its design in search result pages, making us to notice some signs of resemblence to Google design.
So the most likely scenario will be a soon-announced deal at which Google acquires Yandex.

...So be the first to know...


"President of Russia has dead"

On 25 October a spam list was registered on the Internet with the subject "ATTENTION!!! President of Russia has dead". The link from the letter supposedly leads to BBC news, but when the link is accessed one of the latest Trojan horses starts to download, Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Agent.uj. The virus enables any harmful code to be launched on the infected computer. To date this method, using "loud headlines" has been practised mostly by intruders from the West. However, Kaspersky Lab experts believe that the report of the death of the Russian president in broken English tells us the authors of the virus are Russian.