Beautiful Animated New Year and Christmas postcards

Upcoming holidays for people like me cause a real headache - I always want to wish friends of mine Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in an unsual way to make them feel some good feeling in their hearts. Luckily, I chanced to find an archive with beautiful animated postcards. I'm hurrying up to share it with you. You can see some of them on the pictures below:

The archive contains about 60 postcards. Enjoy while the link is alive:



10 "Gadgets" that Greatly Changed the World

Here you are:

TV Set RCA Model 630TS (1946)

Desktop telephone Western Electric 500 (1949)

Camera Kodak Brownie 127 (1953)

8-mm cinema camera Bell & Howell Director Series model 414 Zoomatic (1962)

Microwave oven Amana Radarange (1967)

Video Cassette Recorder JVC HR-3300 (1976)

Video Computerа System Atari 2600 (1977)

Cassette player Sony Walkman TPS-L2 (1979)

Personal Computer IBM 5150 (1981)

Cell Phone Motorola StarTac (1996)


Oh, Sh!t! Firefox is unsafe for storing passwords

Recently I read this article and was stunned by information in it.
It appears that firefox is very unsafe in storing passwords. Using "storing login information" feature can result in sending sensitive information to third-party (that is, stealing your private information) sites. A simple javascript autosubmits an html form that contains fields with login and passwords and though they're not fillded in, during autosubmit this information is being sent out.
Frankly, i'm dissapointed. I haven't figured out possible ways for practical usage of this critical security hole (I just put myself on the place of potential hackers) because the html form is located on the site where this information to be submitted. so apriori you voluntareely submit it, but i'm not a hacker at all and may not know on some efficient ways for stealing security information in the way described above.
Looking forward to explanations and updates from Mozilla team.