Self-fixing Firefox Bugs Related to Problematic Extensions

If you're a Firefox fan, you already know that sometimes this browser goes crazy and buggy after installing one of those 'cool & sexy' extensions. Such problems occur fairly often, for instance, recently I came across a very unpleasant bug - I couldn't run the built-in DOM Inspector that got me totally upset. Luckily, I managed to fix the bug (by using about:config and searching for dom. The self-explanatory options can give a hint even to an unexperienced Firefox user).
In order to be armoured in front of such unexpected bugs, I post here a list of buggy extensions with the solutions how to fix them:

Extension Versions affected Problem Workaround
Adblock All Having the OBJ_TABS setting enabled has been known to interfere with the ActiveX plugin (if installed). It can cause the plugin to ignore its configuration and run any ActiveX control, instead of the controls it is restricted to. Such a situation could potentially be a big security risk. If you have the ActiveX plugin, keep the Adblock OBJ_TABS setting disabled. A mozilla code fix for this issue is forthcoming.
Having the OBJ_TABS setting enabled will interfere with the Java plugin. Java applets will not display unless this setting is disabled. If you want Java applets to display, keep the Adblock OBJ_TABS setting disabled.
Having the OBJ_TABS setting enabled may interfere with the Flash Player 8.0 plugin. No Flash content will be displayed unless this setting is disabled. If updating to Adblock or later does not resolve the issue, keep the Adblock OBJ_TABS setting disabled.
Having the OBJ_TABS setting enabled may interfere with the Windows Media Player plugin. Player video and controls will not appear on page, but sometimes audio will still play. If updating to Adblock or later does not resolve the issue, keep the Adblock OBJ_TABS setting disabled.
Causes Google Gmail Chat to crash. ?
Prior to Having the OBJ_TABS setting enabled interferes with the Quicktime plugin. Video playback will have sound but no video. Update to Adblock or later.
Prior to Causes Firefox to hog memory Update to Adblock or later. (Firefox 1.0.x) Tools -> Extensions window won't open after using "de-install" in the Adblock options menu. Adblock should be uninstalled in Firefox from the Tools -> Extensions window (start in Firefox Safe Mode if the Extensions window doesn't open).
Adblock Plus Prior to Having "Show tabs on Java and Flash" enabled may cause the ActiveX plugin (if installed) to ignore its configuration and run any ActiveX control, posing a security risk. Update to version or later
Prior to 0.7 Leaks memory Update to version 0.7 or later
All-In-One Sidebar 0.6.4 and prior New extensions will not install. Also occurs in version 0.6.4 if updated from an earlier version or if used together with the SessionSaver extension. Uninstall, then (re)install version 0.6.4. Disable opening the Extensions window in the sidebar (Misc. -> Extensions -> Open in Sidebar).
Amazing Media Browser 0.17 The "Block all embedded objects" preference is set to "Yes" by default, causing embedded media normally handled by plugins to disappear, including Flash content. Also interferes with the IE Tab extension. Change the "Block all embedded objects" preference setting to "No".
Bookmark Duplicate Detector Prior to 0.3.0 Add Bookmark fails in Firefox Update to version 0.3.0
Fasterfox 1.0.x Hangs or slows down Firefox Disable prefetching, select "Optimized" preset instead of "Turbo".
Filterset.G Updater All Memory leak when used in conjunction with FlashGot Do not use both FlashGot and Filterset.G Updater together.
FlashBlock All NoScript blocks JavaScript, which is required by FlashBlock Do not use both FlashBlock and NoScript together (NoScript includes Flash-blocking functionality)
FlashGot All Memory leak when used in conjunction with Filterset.G Updater Do not use both FlashGot and Filterset.G Updater together.
ForecastFox Prior to 0.9.2 Memory leak Upgrade to version 0.9.2 or later
Google Toolbar (official) All? Causes a dialog to appear that says "A script on this page is causing mozilla to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?" Uninstall the Google Toolbar and use the unofficial Googlebar extension instead.
Leaks memory
All Causes excessive disk activity Disable Google Safe Browsing
Greasemonkey All Greasemonkey scripts do not work on sites blocked by NoScript Set NoScript to allow JavaScript on sites you wish to use Greasemonkey scripts on.
Prior to 0.6.3 Window title doesn't change when switching tabs Upgrade to a newer version
Prior to 0.3.5 Major security flaw that could allow websites full access to your computer Upgrade to a newer version
IE Tab All Memory leak Uninstall IE Tab and install IE View Lite
Linky 2.6 Gray bar below the status bar with red arrow. Uninstall Linky.
McAfee SiteAdvisor 22 Firefox may fail to open after installing or updating the SiteAdvisor extension, which also may be installed as part of a McAfee software suite. This SiteAdvisor support article describes the problem as a conflict between SiteAdvisor and automatic proxy configuration scripts in Firefox. Either follow the workaround in the SiteAdvisor support article or end the firefox process that remains in memory, start Firefox in Safe Mode and uninstall via Tools -> Extensions. If SiteAdvisor is a McAfee suite component it can also be removed using the McAfee uninstaller.
23 Firefox may crash with an error in Jar50.dll after installing or updating the SiteAdvisor extension or McAfee component. Uninstall the SiteAdvisor extension or, if SiteAdvisor is installed as part of a McAfee software suite, remove the SiteAdvisor component using the McAfee uninstaller.
NoScript All Causes an illegal operation in the Windows Media Player plugin if it is blocking JavaScript on a page with embedded Windows Media Do not block websites that have embedded Windows Media if you want to be able to play the media
FlashBlock requires JavaScript to work to block flash ads Do not use both FlashBlock and NoScript together (NoScript includes Flash-blocking functionality)
Greasemonkey scripts require JavaScript Set NoScript to allow JavaScript on sites you wish to use Greasemonkey scripts on.
All since 1.1.0 Java is blocked by default on untrusted sites Uncheck "Forbid Java" in NoScript's Advanced options or, in version 1.1.3 and later you can temporarily allow Java content by clicking on its placeholder.
Prior to Causes Firefox to hog memory Update to or later
"Numbered Links" All Malware identifies itself as "Numbered Links". The real Numbered Links extension is harmless. See this article for more information. Uninstall the extension. Scan your system for viruses, particularly "FormSpy" and "Downloader-AXM".
ProCon All Replaces all words on webpages with asterisks (******) if set to "censure" words. Uninstall ProCon, restart Firefox, reset ProCon preferences in about:config, restart Firefox, reinstall.
SessionSaver All Leaks memory Uninstall SessionSaver and install Session Manager
Version 0.2 Causes "unresponsive script" dialog when uploading files Downgrade to version 0.2d
StumbleUpon Prior to 1.9996 Changes Firefox's user-agent string and can make addons.mozilla.org think you have an older version of Firefox installed Update to a newer version.
Prior to 2.78 Causes excessive CPU usage Update to a newer version.
SwitchProxy Tool All Causes new Firefox windows to freeze for a few seconds Disable SwitchProxy's auto-update feature
Tabbrowser Extensions (TBE) All General slowdown, conflicts with other extensions, can cause Firefox to not work at all Uninstall TBE, use Tab Mix or Tab Mix Plus instead
Tabbrowser Preferences (TBP) All (for Firefox in some languages) Puts a bar at the bottom of the screen which reads:

Uninstall TBP Puts a bar at the bottom of the screen which reads:


Uninstall TBP and install it directly from the author's website
Prior to Pressing Ctrl+Enter in the address bar opens page in new tab instead of adding "www." and ".com" to the address Update to a newer version
Pressing home button opens homepage in new tab Update to a newer version
Thumbs Prior to 0.6.2 Leaks memory Update to version 0.6.2 or later
User Agent Switcher Prior to 0.6.4 Reinstallation or update causes hangs Uninstall previous version in safe mode before installing new version
VeryDelicious All Software update screen on opening windows and downloading fiiles. Uninstall VeryDelicious
Wizz RSS News Reader 2.0.0 Update causes Firefox to freeze Uninstall previous version in safe mode then install the updated version.
(the information is taken from Mozilla Knowledge Base)


Top 10 of Portable Software with download links

Portable Software has become very much popular especially among those who travel a lot and can't live without their favorite computer programs.
Let me, first, define what portable software is. Actually, it's an amazing thing. It let's just copy all necessary program files on your flash drive... and that's it! No need to install it, so wherever you are just stick your flash drive (or a cd-rom or a SD-card or whatever which can store information electronically) and you can enjoy using your favorite programs. It's especially helpful when a program keeps your settings and preferences (such as internet browsers) - all bookmarks settings will be kept no matter what computer or laptop you're using.
So let me finally start. I don't give priority to any of the programs below because they are for certain purposes and could be split in several categories (such as entertainment, work etc). Since everybody has his own priorities I just decided to list them in ‘bulk’, so that you decide for yourself what suits you better.

  1. Adobe Photshop CS2 Portable
    It's amazing but it's true. Now you can just copy the program folder to your flash drive and use all solid capabilities of this powerful graphical editor everywhere where you can find a computer
    Download link:

  2. If you prefer to use your favorite browser called Opera, then now you can take it with you and enjoy all its features.
    Download link: http://rapidshare.de/files/25564777/opera9usben.rar

  3. For Firefox lovers there is, of course, a portable version of the latest ( Mozilla Firefox:

  4. If you need to burn a CD or DVD and need all the advanced features of Ahead Nero 7, then just download its portable version:

  5. For illustrators, publishers and designers it would be cool to always have a portable version of Adobe Illustrator CS11:

  6. If you want to always have with you all powerful capabilities of document processing built into OpenOffice, then here you are:

  7. Listen to music using your favorite music player called Winamp. Just download Winamp 5.1 Portable:

  8. Want to play your favorite War Craft 2 when travelling? Not a problem!

  9. Norton Utilities 2006 portable:

  10. ACDSee - Excellent Graphic Viewer. Portbale edition


I've gathered the list of software and download links by surfing the Internet. I don't bear any responsibility if the software mentioned abowe would'n work or infringes somebody's copyrights. The information has been gathered from open sources, I just share it with the readers of my blog.


Next post will be on portable software

In my opinion, portable software is going to be very popular soon, so I plan to review portable versions of widely spread programs. Please check back my blog in a couple of days.


How to send links to webpages without mail programs when on a business trip

When on a business trip, I've been coming across the same issue quite often: the issue of sending short information (most often - links to websites) to somebody's mail addresses. It could be addressess of my colleagues, or friends, or relatives. One is lucky when he has an internet access in his hotel room. But what if he doesn't? Just fancy that: a preety common situation when your boss gets you on the phone (you're almost a thousand miles away from your office) and asks "John, I need contact information of those air tunks suppliers which we selected last week as our general procurement contractor. I need it asap." You're trying to explain that it is somewhere on your office desk or what he needs is to typr their simple web-address... But the receiver's already hung up. Well, your first thought is go and find the closest internet-cafe. Ok, a girl at the reception in the hotel's lobby tells you that, and, having spent half an hour rather than 5 minutes you were given for providing the necessary information to your boss, you finally find yourself in a small overcrowded internet cafe. What next, though? You know that checking your personal e-mail account at one of the numerous free services could be unsafe. The mail program in the internet cafe is not properly set up (as you find it out from one of the personnel). Well.... wait... commiting a suicide is not an appropriate way out. Just listen: I recently found a good link on reddit.com - to my surprise it was hidden somewhere deep in the heart of it. Luckily, I popped it out somehow. You'll ask me whta is it I'm talking about. the answer is fairly obvious - it's called LinkSender Web 2.0 and I'm going to explain to you why it's called so. First I went to the Linksender Website (http://linksender.quicksolver.info) - and just added the link which is located on their mainpage to the browser's favorites (it can be done in two ways - right-click-> add to favorites or -> just dragging and droppoing on your browser toolbar). If your browser is Internet Explorer there can be a popup message warning that adding that link could be unsafe. As usual, don't trust him and press OK - anyway, it's not your personal computer, you're in an internet cafe, don't you forget? (frankly, it's really completely safe and I'll explain it in more details in my future posts)

Ok, you're done, the link is bookmarked. what's next? Next step is very simple, but before that you may want to try to customize your linksender on that website - add your reply address (any you like) and so on. Then you go to the air tanks supplier website and select Linksender among the browser Favorites or on the toolbar. Don't woory - you won't be redirected anywhere. Instead you'll see a pretty window which will ask where you want to send a link to the page to. Without hesitation type your boss' e-mail address and press "Enter". There wil be a message saying the the link's been sent successfully. more over you have a possibility to point a reply email address and short comments to that link.
Now you can be sure that your boss will get information in time and you may try to cautiously ask for a raise in near future. Good luck! Enjoy easy link sending.